Talpa is an AI-powered library search, designed for "What's that book?" questions.

Enable/Disable. Use this toggle to turn off your library's access to Talpa.

Use and Share Talpa

Provide your patrons and staff access to Talpa either by sharing a direct link with the URL provided or by using a button that will launch Talpa in a lightbox on your webpage.

To use a button, you'll paste two pieces of code into your webpage.

  1. HTML. Paste this at the bottom of your page. This code is only needed once—if it's already on your webpage to power Book Display Widgets or List Widgets, you don't need to include it again.
  2. Button code. Choose which button you'd like to use, and then click "Copy Button" to add the button code to your clipboard. Paste the button code wherever you'd like the button to appear on your page.
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